My Hero Academia Synopsis Confirms Release of My Villain Academia Arc

My Hero Academia has been busy with season five this year, and it seems the show is ready to take [...]

My Hero Academia has been busy with season five this year, and it seems the show is ready to take on a new arc. After doing a little switch earlier this year, the anime has been closing in on its long-awaited My Villain Academia arc. And after a nerve-racking wait, a new synopsis is here and confirming the arc's debut.

The whole thing will kick off starting at the end of August. Episode 107 will debut this weekend with an episode focused on Aizawa, and it will be an upsetting one for the whole fandom. After that is finished, episode 108 will go live on August 21, and its first synopsis confirms My Villain Academia is on its way.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Meta Liberation Army Arc Tomura Shigaraki My Villain Academia
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According to Atsushi101X on Twitter, the episode will focus on Shigaraki as he's been missing in action for a bit. "A certain individual contacts Shigaraki and the League of Villains," the episode's blurb reads. "What's his true identity??"

As you can see, this episode pivots attention to Shigaraki, and his cronies will be happy to see it. The villain has kept a low profile in season five so far, and that is because Izuku has been running the show. Not only did the hero learn some major facts about One For All, but he underwent priceless training with Endeavor. This all means Izuku is getting stronger by the day, so Shigaraki needs some TLC if he wants to keep up.

For anime fans, the My Villain Academia arc will be a showstopper, and My Hero Academia readers know why. This big story is all about the villains, and it digs into their growing push against pro heroes. As expected, Shigaraki is determined to see his master's vision through, but there's another group of villains that isn't keen on giving the League any of their turf.

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