My Hero Academia: Toga Tries on Twice's Costume in New Sketch

My Hero Academia has been busy these days with its heroes, but the anime is about to turn that around. It will not be long before My Villain Academia gets its start, and fans are eager to see how this dark arc works out. And to celebrate the return of our best baddies, an assistant on My Hero Academia has penned a sketch for fans.

The piece comes from Shota Noguchi, one of the most well-known assistants on My Hero Academia. The artist is never afraid to share behind-the-scenes sketches with fans, and they have often honored Mirko with Megan Thee Stallion makeovers. Now, Toga is being put in the center of attention, and she is bringing Twice with her.

As you can see above, the My Hero Academia artwork shows Toga in black and white as she licks the edge of a knife. Her hair is up in twin buns as usual, but the rest of Toga's outfit is different. Obviously, she has traded in her usual look for the one Twice wears, and the bodysuit does suit the girl. Its sleek black design fits Toga well, and fans can see Twice's mask off to the side. It's hard to imagine how she would fit the costume with the mask on, but for now, we'll take this.

Given the next arc of My Hero Academia's anime, this sketch has fans eager to see what is on the way. My Villain Academia has been teased since the season began, so it goes without saying that Shigaraki has big expectations to live up to. Toga will be a part of that mission, but fans aren't that worried about the bloodthirsty vixen. After all, Toga is one of the most resilient villains out there, and she won't let anything happen to her friends on her watch.


What do you make of this cute costume swap? Do you think this look suits Toga? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.