My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Drops Important Original Scene

My Hero Academia season 6 just came to a close, and all eyes are on the finale this week. Not long ago, the hit series wrapped its latest season with an important episode breaking down Izuku's war against All For One. The villain is out terrorizing the world with Shigaraki at hand, and Deku is the only one capable of stopping them. However, his special power doesn't make Deku invulnerable to the hurt around him, and My Hero Academia made that clear with a special original scene.

If you did not notice, the finale for My Hero Academia season 6 featured an original moment not seen in the manga. After falling asleep amongst friends at his dorm, Izuku is seen flying awake the morning after his return to school. Deku is woken up by a shocking dream starring All For One and Shigaraki. Wrestling with his PTSD, Izuku shoots awake and activates his quirk in fear before realizing he's in good company.

Luckily, Ochaco was the one near Izuku during this fit, and she barely blinked at the scene. While still surprised, the heroine did her best to assure Deku of his safety before the hero could reign in his quirk. It did not take long for Black Whip to dissipate, and no one in Class 1-A felt the need to comment on his outburst.

After all, the whole class went through a lot during the first raid on Shigaraki, so they know all about PTSD. Izuku went on to experience even worse during his vigilante period. From Muscular to Lady Nagant, Izuku was stretched thin during his mission, and he was given little time to relax. His constant vigilance and the target on his back turned Izuku into a paranoid person. And now, the anime is making that clear in its latest original scene.

It is nice to see My Hero Academia expanding Izuku's trauma like this even with a scene so little. We can only hope the anime carries on doing this as its next season gets underway. After all, Studio Bones confirmed My Hero Academia season 7 is in the works, and it will put Class 1-A through the wringer once more. There is no doubt Deku's PTSD will follow him into the new season, but with all his friends surrounding him, we're sure Izuku will pull through the onslaught.

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