My Hero Academia Season 6 Dub Seriously Nails Bakugo's Apology: Watch

There is no denying how much the My Hero Academia fandom loves Bakugo. Over the years, the character has gone from being a simple bully to a young man desperate to prove himself. Of course, his bond with Izuku continues to draw in netizens, and Bakugo's history with Deku stops short as melodramatic. Even with its trauma, the pair's relationship is incredibly deep, and the anime's dub proved as much with its perfect take on Apology's apology.

If you have not kept up with the My Hero Academia, there is a chance you heard about this apology regardless. After all, the moment is etched in infamy at this point. During Izuku's time away from U.A. High School, Bakugo had plenty of time to think about his childhood friend turned rival, and it helped him craft a truly impressive apology. In the My Hero Academia manga, fans read on as Bakugo swore to hold some of the weight on Izuku's shoulders as he recanted everything he did to Deku as a child. And now, the English dub of My Hero Academia has tackled the scene.

As you can see above, the dub adaptation is downright perfect. Clifford Chapin, the voice actor behind Bakugo, perfectly nails each line of the apology. From his tone to his cadence, Chapin's performance here marks one of his best in the anime to date. And of course, Justin Briner helps Izuku accept the apology even through a haze of exhaustion.

Of course, this apology does little to remove the trauma of Izuku's history with Bakugo. The latter did some nasty things in My Hero Academia as he used his quirk on Izuku and even told him to swan dive off a roof. There is no situation where baiting suicide is remotely acceptable, so it goes without saying Bakugo had big issues. In fact, when My Hero Academia began years ago, fans wondered whether Bakugo could ever redeem himself... and he seems to have done the impossible.

Sure, Bakugo is still surly as all get out, but he is far from the person we met when My Hero Academia got underway. It has taken six seasons for Bakugo to reach a point where he can see his worst mistakes and apologize for them in earnest. This big apology marks a turning point for Bakugo by himself and his relationship with Izuku. Despite their history, the duo has become close rivals and unwitting friends. And thanks to the My Hero Academia dub, this apology scene comes off as authentic as fans expected.

Of course, there is more of the My Hero Academia season 6 dub to come. The anime aired its season finale this past weekend in Japan, but the dub has a couple more episodes to adapt. As for the show's future, My Hero Academia season 7 has been confirmed and work is going down on the anime behind the scenes. So if we are lucky, Bakugo will return to the small screen sometime next year.

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