My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Introduces America's Top Hero

My Hero Academia Season 6 brought the anime's newest run to an end with a bang, and one of the major cliffhangers from My Hero Academia Season 6's finale introduced the United States of America's own number one hero to the anime! My Hero Academia Season 6 officially kicked off the anime's adaptation of the Final Act saga from Kohei Horikoshi's original My Hero Academia manga, and Japan has fallen deep into chaos as the villains have essentially eroded away the hero society. But it's brought up a huge question about how this all looks to the rest of the world. 

My Hero Academia Season 7 was announced to be in the works following the final episode of Season 6, and My Hero Academia is already setting up some huge things to come in the next wave of episodes. As one of the massive teases for My Hero Academia Season 7, it's revealed by someone representing the United States' pro heroes that their top hero has moved into action before making sure they got clearance from the rest of the world: 

My Hero Academia Season 7: Who is Star and Stripe? 

My Hero Academia Season 6's finale saw All Might explain that the chaos in Japan has started to get attention from the rest of the world and he's requested the help from other heroes, but it's not as easy as that as mobilizing other countries' heroes due to how politics are playing into how the heroes are used outside of their country as a military force. But it's revealed that Star and Stripe, America's Number 1 hero, has already decided to take action before getting official permission because it's a direct request for help from All Might. 

Star and Stripe then remarks about how she didn't need to think twice to help her former master, and now it's clear that America's most powerful force is crossing the skies to take on Tomura Shigaraki and All For One when My Hero Academia Season 7 finally kicks into high gear. There has yet to be a release window or date set for My Hero Academia Season 7 actually will premiere, but this is already teasing something huge for the next wave of episodes! 

How do you feel about Star and Stripe's introduction to the My Hero Academia anime? What are you hoping to see from America's top hero in My Hero Academia Season 7? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!