My Hero Academia: Ochaco Actress Addresses Her Big Season 6 Episode

My Hero Academia is working its way through season six, and its most recent episode was a wild ride from start to finish. Fans checked in on the anime as My Hero Academia put another one of Deku's classmates to the test. After saving the boy from himself, Class 1-A has brought Deku home only to face the wrath of the public. Ochaco was the one who decided to fight back against that hatred, and now, the actress behind Uravity is addressing her big moment center stage.

The update comes from My Hero Academia's official Twitter page with help from Ayane Sakura. It was there the hit anime posted a comment about this week's episode, and Sakura said expectations for Ochaco's speech were incredibly high given how emotionally charged the moment is.

"I'm sure those who've read the manga have high expectations for this episode, and I myself as a big MHA fan/Ochako fan also consider it a very special moment, so I feel the nervousness and the pressure stronger than ever. Ochako was saved by Deku at the start of the series and that let her get into U.A, so now she's returning the favor and putting into words just how important he is. My feelings were in sync with Ochako's and I put my whole soul into this performance, so I hope you are able to watch it while enjoying each character's emotions," the My Hero Academia star shared (via RukasuMHA).

Of course, fans were given the chance to hear Sakura's performance this weekend, and it is safe to say the My Hero Academia actress nailed it. They perfectly adapted Ochaco's emotional speech, and netizens admit they teared up when Sakura's voice began cracking during the monologue. There is no doubt the voice actress put her whole heart into My hero Academia this week, and Ochaco managed to turn the tides in Deku's favor by the end of her address.

Now, My Hero Academia season 6 is gearing up for its finale, and fans know the release will set up what's to come. Right now, the My Hero Academia manga is in its final act, and the anime will begin rolling toward that story before long. As the final moments of My Hero Academia season 6 loom ahead, all eyes are on Deku as his biggest fight yet is on the horizon. But thanks to Ochaco, the aspiring hero will have an easier time resting at U.A. High School than he would have before.

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