My Hero Academia: Memories Releases New Preview For Episode 2

Before the heroes of UA Academy enter its final arc, My Hero Academia is taking fans into the past.

My Hero Academia: Memories might not be entirely new episodes, but the recap installments prepping anime fans for season seven do have their fair share of new material to share. Taking the chance to remind viewers of what happened in the lives of Izuku Midoriya, Shigaraki, and the heroes and villains of UA Academy, the second episode of these recaps has dropped a new preview. Memories definitely acts as the calm before the storm when it comes to what is to come for Class 1-A.

When last we left Izuku Midoriya and Class 1-A, they were struggling with the fallout of the Paranormal Liberation War. While the heroes were able to defeat Shigaraki and the Paranormal Liberation Front, this didn't mean that the villains were out of commission for long. Wasting little time following their defeat, Shigaraki sprung All For One out of jail along with countless villains that have caused the heroes quite a difficult time. In trying to hold Hero Society together as civilization fell apart, Deku was forced to take on a decidedly darker aesthetic as he fought to ensure a bright future. Luckily, Deku was pulled back from the brink by his friends and has joined Class 1-A once again to prepare for what is to come.

The Memories of My Hero Academia Part 2

Studio Bones released new images from the second episode of My Hero Academia: Memories, revisiting classic moments and hinting at new scenes. As we saw in the first installment of the recap series, viewers were given some new scenes focusing on Deku and Shigaraki preparing for the final battle. As Midoriya relies on his friends and the Vestiges of One For All sharing his body, Shigaraki relies on hatred and the tutelage of All For One.

(Photo: Studio Bones)
(Photo: Studio Bones)
(Photo: Studio Bones)
(Photo: Studio Bones)

The anime adaptation is continuing to play catch-up with the manga, which is quite close to ending the series. Interestingly, many My Hero Academia fans believed that this season might be its last as if the anime adaptation continues, season seven would end at a strange place. Most likely, the eighth season of My Hero Academia's anime would be its last if it continues to follow its source material.

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