My Hero Academia Unveils Shigaraki's Most Disturbing Look Yet

My Hero Academia unveiled Tomura Shigaraki's most disturbing look in the seres yet with the manga's newest chapter! Fans have been subject to a number of looks at Shigaraki over the course of the manga and anime, and each one has been more disturbing than the last. This was especially true during the events of the Paranormal Liberation Front War as Shigaraki began falling apart in both mind and body, and with the greater looks at him during the Final Act of the series thus far, his body is changing even more so as his power evolves

His fight against Star and Stripe has kicked off another stage of evolution for Shigaraki as it's been revealed that he's fairly close to completely combining with All For One's power. This has meant that he is merging with All For One's mind as well, and this blend of master and pupil is now starting to physically impact Shigaraki's body as he now resembles his master more than ever before. It's especially true when we see his charred and battered body trying to quickly regenerate itself as fast as Star and Stripe damages it. 

(Photo: Viz Media)

The previous chapter of the series unleashed some of Star and Stripe's greatest attacks yet as she used her quirk to bend the forces of nature to her will, but it was soon revealed that even her power was not enough to take down Shigaraki completely. She had only temporarily pinned him down, and while the force of her attack was enough to give her time to prep her next move, it only seemed like a nuisance to Shigaraki, whose body had been mangled and burned to an almost skeletal like form from her attack.

He manages to save himself from the worst of it, and Shigaraki soon leaps toward Star and Stripe as his body quickly heals itself from this damaged state. The previous chapter was a great example in just how strong his body had become through this evolution, but this damaged state and quick healing shows how devilish and tough it really is going to be to take down such a monster like this, visually and mentally. 

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