My Hero Academia May Have Given Shigaraki His Chance for Freedom

When it comes to My Hero Academia, fans aren't sure what to think about Shigaraki's new power. The manga has made it clear the villain is on a new level where power is concerned, and he's shown off his might more than once. Readers know good and well how strong Shigaraki has become, but some think the boost has caged the villain. And now, a new theory suggests My Hero Academia has given him an unlikely key to freedom.

The whole thing comes from the manga's most recent arc for those who keep up with My Hero Academia. If you are up to date, you will know Shigaraki is fighting America's top hero, and his supposed victory just imploded. Despite stealing the New Order quirk from Star and Stripe, Shigaraki is desperate to unload the power as it is attacking All For One's vestiges... but that may be for the best.

After all, Star and Stripe enacted a rule for New Order before being decayed, and it told New Order to revolt against all other quirks. This set off a cannibalistic chain within All For One as New Order began wiping away its stolen powers. Quirks like Reflect have already been destroyed by Star and Stripe's vestige, and fans are wondering if she might untether All For One from Shigaraki at last.

For those caught up with the manga, you will know Shigaraki took on All For One happily, but he was blindsided by his master's control. The older man has overcome Shigaraki more than once to steal his body, leaving the demented youth to fight for his freedom. As you can imagine, All For One's vestige is too strong to overcome with force of will, so Shigaraki still lives under his thumb. Star and Stripe could change that should New Order rip the pair apart as she's done to other quirks, but the question of what comes next remains.

If the two are ripped, Shigaraki would gain control of his body, but All For One would still fight to take it back. This would force the two against one another, creating a civil war of sorts within the League of Villains. This aside would give our heroes more time to recoup, and that's not to mention how such in-fighting would fracture our villains' power. But if Shigaraki's selfish nature tells us anything, well – it is that he'd burn any bridge if it meant showing up All For One.

Do you think Shigaraki can use New Order to his advantage here? Or will the villains remain paired for now? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.