My Hero Academia Star Reveals Kaminari's Best Line Yet

My Hero Academia has ended its sixth season, but the English Dub is currently playing catch-up to the Japanese version. With the anime adaptation recently seeing the confrontation which brought Class 1-A face-to-face with the dark version of their fellow classmate Deku, Kaminari had a choice line for Izuku. Hilariously enough, the English voice actor responsible for bringing Chargebolt to life took the opportunity to praise the line in question that is sure to be considered one of the funniest deliveries in the history of the anime adaptation. 

My Hero Academia Season 6 ended with Deku not only being welcomed back into the fold at UA Academy but the young heroes receiving some major help thanks to the United States of America. In the final minutes of the season finale, anime viewers were able to see the first appearance of Star and Stripe, the number one hero of the U.S.A. who has a look that is strikingly similar to that of All Might in his prime. While a seventh season has already been confirmed for the anime adaptation, the final battle is currently playing out in the My Hero Academia manga, leaving fans to wonder how many more seasons the television series will have.

Chargebolt: It's Bath Time

Izuku's brief tenure as a dark hero saw the newest wielder of One For All going without food and sleep in an attempt to hold Hero Society together. While he was able to defeat some major threats in Muscular and Lady Nagant to name a few, it was clear that the physical toll on Midoriya was doing some serious damage. Hilariously, the voice actor for Kaminari, Kyle Phillips, shared his favorite line that will definitely get some mileage.

Kyle Phillips might be best known for his work as Chargebolt in My Hero Academia's English dub, but this is far from his only role in the anime sphere. Phillips has had roles in major movers and shakers including the likes of Attack on Titan, High School DxD, One Piece, and almost too many others to count. When the series does return for its seventh season, there will be plenty for Kaminari to do as the final battle approaches. 

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