My Hero Academia Season 6 Finale Dubs Stain the MVP

My Hero Academia Season 6 has officially wrapped with its latest episode, and My Hero Academia Season 6 has dubbed Hero Killer Stain as the surprising final MVP for the season thanks to the villain's big moment with All Might in the My Hero Academia Season 6 finale! My Hero Academia Season 7 has been announced to be in the works shortly after the events of the final episode of Season 6, My Hero Academia thus set the stage for the final battles between the heroes and villains coming in the next slate of episodes. This included getting the heroes out of their funk.

The My Hero Academia characters have been through quite a lot in the final episodes of Season 6, and All Might and Izuku Midoriya especially have seen better days. The both of them have been experiencing major crises of faith, and All Might has been shaken because he can no longer take the kind of heroic action he used to be able to do. But Hero Killer Stain suddenly approaches him and explains that while the hero world is changing, All Might just needs to be patient to wait for the people's spirits to ignite once more and build things back up.

My Hero Academia Season 6: Why is Stain the Final Episode's MVP?

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 138 sees All Might worried over how much he had seemingly pushed Deku to take on too much on his own, and was losing faith over whether or not he could still be help to the heroes. But after being shown to have a fondness for All Might's heroics, Hero Killer Stain finally approaches All Might and actually gives him a pep talk. He reminds All Might of what his heroics actually inspired, and that this spirit is still within the true heroes he had been seeking this whole time.

This speech not only gets through to All Might and helps him snap out of his funk before the final fights, but Hero Killer Stain also provides the heroes with some very important details about the villains' final plans heading into My Hero Academia Season 7. So My Hero Academia Season 6 has dubbed him the final MVP of the season because one of the anime's biggest villains might be one of the most crucial allies before it's all said and done.

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