My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Teases a Surprising Arrival

The My Hero Academia manga is now working its way through the final fight against All For One, and as the heroes are throwing everything they have at the villain to bring him down the cliffhanger from the newest chapter of the My Hero Academia manga is setting the stage for a surprising arrival. My Hero Academia has seen All For One tapping into even more power than ever before as Endeavor and the other heroes continue to struggle to deal any real damage to the villain. But things have begun to change as more fighters are coming to the scene of the action. 

My Hero Academia took a brief detour from the fight against All For One to showcase how each of the other heroes tried to prevent Gigantomachia from rejoining the fight, but were ultimately able to wield the monster against All For One thanks to Hitoshi Shinso's quirk. But as these heroes joined the fight in full with the newest chapter, it's teased that Detective Tsukauchi and the heroes still have one final gambit up their sleeves to bring the fight to an end. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

MHA: What Is the Heroes' Final Plan Against All For One? 

Chapter 383 of the My Hero Academia manga has thrown each of the My Hero Academia characters into chaos. It's revealed that Mt. Lady and the other heroes were successfully able to fight off Gigantomachia enough to the point where he's now under Shinso's control. But as the fight against All For One continues with Mt. Lady, Gigantomachia, and all of the current fighters at the scene of the action, Tsukauchi is seen holding onto a final thread of hope and declaring that they're sending everything they have at All For One. 

The final moments of Chapter 383 of the My Hero Academia manga see all of the heroes launch their attacks against All For One at once, but the villain is blocking each of these efforts without much trouble. There are a few helicopters approaching, but it's not quite clear what this could be as each of the heroes seems to already be at the center of the action in some of the battlefields. But this final fight has been full of surprises. 

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