My Hero Academia Has Given Shinso the Opening Fans Have Been Waiting For

My Hero Academia has the fandom wrapped around its finger these days, and its grip is ready to strangle some fans. After all, the series took readers by surprise this past week when its new chapter unveiled a big secret. The traitor at UA High School has been singled out, and now, fans believe the revelation has given Shinso an opportunity he cannot afford to pass up.

The whole thing came to light when My Hero Academia put out its most recent chapter. The update checked in on Shigaraki and All For One as the duo spoke with the League of Villains. It was there the group's insider at UA High School was brought up. As it turns out, Toru Hagakure has been the traitor this whole time, and readers are desperate for Shinso to take her place.

So, let's break this theory down a bit. We already know that Shinso has been welcomed into the hero track, and his training with Eraserhead has given the student a boost in power. Class 1-A and 1-B saw Shinso's abilities firsthand during their joint training mission, after all. The event ended with the school's higher-ups accepting Shinso into the Hero Course, but things soured with the League before the student could find a class.

Since his debut, Shinso has had fans rallying for him to join Class 1-A, and many wanted to boot Mineta to make it happen. It seemed Shinso would be forced to continue studying solo or with Class 1-B, but Hagakure changes everything. If the girl is a traitor, Hagakure will be found out, and it is hard to imagine Eraserhead teaching the girl once that happens. Even a redemption arc cannot keep Hagakure in school after all this which gives Shinso an in to Izuku's class. So if you are heartbroken about the traitor's identity, well – Shinso's comeback may be enough to mend your heart. It is about time he started studying under Eraserhead for real, and fans are desperate to see Shinso team up with Shoto and Izuku as the series draws nearer to its close. 

What do you think of this convincing new My Hero Academia theory? Do you believe Shinso is destined to join Izuku's class? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.