My Hero Academia Hinted at Its Traitor's Identity Way Before Now

My Hero Academia is moving through its final phase at warp speed, and as fans expected, a ton of unanswered questions have been addressed. While there are still plenty on the board, a huge question came to light this week when the latest My Hero Academia chapter addressed the traitor at UA High School. And now, fans are tracing back to find the clues they've missed all this time...

So, you have been warned! There are major spoilers below for My Hero Academia's final arc. Proceed with caution.

For those caught up with the manga, you will know what secret has My Hero Academia fans up in arms. It was revealed at long last that the traitor at UA High School is part of Class 1-A. The manga's latest chapter ended with All For One calling upon his friend before the scene changed to UA. It was there Hagakure came into view, marking the girl as the long-hidden traitor.

(Photo: Viz Media)

The revelation was made in the final moments of My Hero Academia's chapter, so fans know little about her history with All For One or the League of Villains. Many fans did guess Hagakure was the traitor given her scant history as a character. But if you look back at the series, you will see Hagakure had preempted some of Izuku's worst moments.

Netizens were quick to point out that Hagakure was the student who encouraged Class 1-A to visit the mall way back in season one. It was there Izuku had his first face-to-face chat with Shigaraki, and many wondered how the villain knew to be at the mall. It seems like Hagakure tipped off the villain, and that is just the tip of it all. During most major events, Hagakure has been nowhere to be seen from Shigaraki's break-in to UA High School and the training camp. A character in Class 1-A can only go so long without having an episode to themselves, and well – Hagakure is still mostly a mystery to fans.

Even one of My Hero Academia's side manga may have hinted at Hagakure's history. As you can see above, one panel starring Hatsume shows the invisible girl in a bad light. After making glasses to see Hagakure's true form, Hatsume is terrified when she sees the girl shrouded in dark mist. The horrifying image shocked readers into a laugh, but fans are looking at the panel in a whole new light now. And as more is revealed about the traitor, we can expect to piece more of Hagakure's long con together.

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