My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Opens Questions About Hagakure's Quirk

My Hero Academia's latest cliffhanger has sent fans scrambling to take a second look its most invisible hero. The end of My Hero Academia manga Chapter 335 revealed that archvillain All For One is playing the ace card he's had up his sleeve all along: a traitor within the halls of U.A. High School! (SPOILERS) As some fans have theorized for years, Class 1-A member Toru Hagakure (aka Stealth Hero: Invisible Girl) is now implicated to be the traitor that has been helping All For One and the League of Villains stay one step ahead, all along. 

Now that Invisible Girl is marked as a traitor, My Hero Academia fans are looking back and noticing the clues that were in front of their face (visible or not), for some time. Now that fans know what to look for, there are indeed a lot of clues that suggest there's been more to Hagakure's quirk power all along. 

Light Bender


The first thing fans have gone back and realized is that they never really noticed the subtle clues about the nature of Toru Hagakure's quirk powers. More than just turning herself invisible, Hagakure "learns" to actually refract light through her body, to use for both offensive and defensive techniques. After Hero Work-Studies and throughout Class 1-A's development into full-fledged heroes, Hagakure come as far as being able to control her quirk with precision and coordination, working with classmates like Yuga Aoyama and his naval laser. 

This detail, of Hagakure being a "light bender" instead of just an "invisible girl" is key. It establishes the foundation for how Hagakure was able to act effectively as All For One's spy. 

The prime example is the U.S.J. Incident in My Hero Academia's earliest arcs. The League of Villains' first big attack on Class 1-A required the villain team to bypass U.A. High School's considerable security measures at the U.S.J. training facility. The exact nature of how the League of Villains did this was never explained (the teachers and students assumed some villain with a jamming quirk was responsible), but some fans had theories even back then that Hagakure (who was conspicuously absent) was responsible. Those fans smartly read into her quirk description and surmised that the same light-bending power that keeps her invisible could be extended into bending the infrared rays to trigger false alarms. 

You can read the deeper theories about Toru Hagakure's invisibility powers in the posts below: 

Let's All Go to the Mall!

(Photo: Toho Animation)

The other big example fans have pointed to has nothing to do with Toru Hagakure's powers – but certainly her behavior. As fans noticed, after the U.S.J. Incident when Class 1-A went to the mall to unwind, it was actually Toru Hagakure who came up with the bright idea for them to go shopping. It was at that mall that Izuku Midoriya was infamously crept on by his rival Tomura Shigaraki. Looking back now, it's almost too obvious that Hagakure was a plant assigned to get Deku to where Shigaraki could get to him. 

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