My Hero Academia Shocks With Massive Traitor Reveal Twist

My Hero Academia has truly shocked with a massive twist reveal of the real traitor with the newest chapter of the series! As the Final Act of Kohei Horikoshi's original manga series continues speeding towards the end of the series, fans are finally getting the answers to some of the longest running questions they have had this entire time. The previous chapter of the series then took this further with the reveal of the traitor lurking within U.A. Academy's walls. But fans weren't so convinced just yet, and it has been revealed that this caution was warranted.

Major spoilers for My Hero Academia Chapter 336 to follow, of course! The previous chapter of the series saw All For One ready for the next stage of his plans by alluding to the fact that he was going to activate the traitor within U.A. Academy, and the final page of that chapter had implicated Toru Hagakure as the traitor as many fans had guessed. But the newest chapter of the series instead takes those final pages and uses them for a sudden twist to reveal who the actual traitor really is, Yuga Aoyama. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 336 of the series revisits Toru Hagakure as she's trying to find Aoyama as she's been concerned about him as he's been openly distressing about all of the recent events thus far. She's been worried about him, and finds Aoyama speaking with his parents in the middle of the woods as they urge him to just follow All For One's orders lest the villain kill them all. The two of them desperately reveal that Aoyama has been feeding the villains information all this time, and Hagakure is shocked to find this out. 

She then rushes to get Izuku Midoriya, and once he arrives, Aoyama confirms that he was indeed the one who had been passing on information to the villains. Izuku too had been worrying about Aoyama because of his mood swings lately, but through tears, Aoyama once again states that he's been the traitor all along. This major twist of using Hagakure was a deliberate play on many fans' traitor theories, and now it seems that the true traitor has been revealed at last because it's hard to imagine there's a second twist here. 

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