My Hero Academia Theory Teases Its Traitor's Real Motive

It can be hard to root out a traitor, but that has not stopped the My Hero Academia fandom from trying its best. Over the years, the community has created theory after theory pinning down the traitor at U.A. High School. Now, it seems like a cliffhanger has introduced who the manga's spy is, and a theory has spun out explaining their most likely motive. 

Of course, those who are caught up with My Hero Academia will be familiar with the situation. The update came in chapter 335 as the very last page saw Shigaraki point out his friend. As it turns out, Toru Hagakure has been the U.A. High School traitor this whole time, and fans think they know how this happened.

Right now, the manga has left fans on a cliffhanger, but they have a developing theory as to why Hagakure teamed with Shigaraki. Or rather, why she wants to work with All For One. It all comes down to her quirk and the social ostracism she's faced from it.

After all, Hagakure is invisible every moment of her day, and she's been this way since her quirk developed. We know little of her backstory at this point, but fans of My Hero Academia assume living unseen must be hard. So much of social interaction comes from you seeing others and them seeing you in return. The fact that Hagakure is invisible presents an extreme issue in this respect, and she might just want to get rid of the quirk. Of course, Hagakure has faced little pushback at U.A. High School with her quirk, but the real world isn't as tolerable as we would like. The series has made it clear that people with physical quirks are treated differently, and Hagakure would be no different. 

Now, My Hero Academia fans are starting to theorize that Hagakure got involved with All For One in a bid to rid herself of her invisibility. The baddie could have promised to take the quirk away, and unlike other physical quirks, Hagakure's could go away. This would open a new world to the girl, but such a deal would come at a great cost. So for now, fans are waiting to see if Hagakure sold her soul for freedom or perhaps something far more sinister.

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