My Hero Academia's Universe Contains Both Marvel and DC Heroes

There are more than enough heroes in My Hero Academia to lose track of but there are a few which comic readers should recognize. Decades ago, the superhero genre was changed forever when heroes like Batman and Captain America made their debut. Publishers DC Comics and Marvel changed that landscape further over the years, and My Hero Academia is doing its best to do the same. And if you paid close attention to the manga, you will have noticed that My Hero Academia contains a few of those heroes which Western comics elevated long ago.

While All Might certainly is definitely My Hero Academia's version of Superman, it seems as if the Last Son of Krypton actually exists in this anime universe, as the panel in discussion features not only the Man of Steel, but Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and what appears to be the anime heroes known as Ultraman and Devilman! The other heroes that are shown in the shadowy frame may be a bit tougher to identify, but it's clear that this anime super hero tale has a lot of surprises and easter eggs are still being unearthed years into the story itself.

ScreenRant shared the panel from the early days of My Hero Academia, giving a break down for fans of the world that was populated by both All Might and several professional heroes that were doing their best to fight against the likes of the League of Villains and their ilk:

My Hero Academia Marvel DC
(Photo: Viz Media)

There has never been an official crossover between My Hero Academia and the super hero worlds of Marvel and DC Comics, but it's certainly one that we wouldn't mind seeing at some point in the future. With the Paranormal Liberation War heating up in the pages of My Hero Academia's manga, the professional heroes and the students of UA Academy could certainly use the backing of the Avengers and the Justice League at this point. Also, we wouldn't mind seeing who would come out on top in a battle between All Might and Supes!


What do you think of the shocker that heroes like Spider-Man and Super Man actually exist in the universe of My Hero Academia? What other heroes do you think would work well in the story of UA Academy? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and UA Academy!

Via ScreenRant

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