My Hero Academia Breaks Down Aizawa's Own Trio

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes has been a fantastic spin-off to the main series, giving readers an inside look into the early lives of some of UA Academy's biggest teachers. The dark, one-time vigilante Eraserhead was originally a student very much like Midoriya and Bakugo, attempting to find the best way to become a full time hero. Along the way on his journey, Aizawa came into contact with some other students in his class that are looking to achieve the very same thing and thus a friendship is born!

Recently, Eraserhead has really been coming into his own during this flashback tale, managing to take what was considered by many to be a "useless quirk" and manage to find its strength by partnering with other. Of course, as we see in the present My Hero Academia, "Quirk Erasure" is tremendously advantageous and has helped save the lives of both teachers and students alike. Specifically, Aizawa has managed to use this quirk to the benefit of his two best friends: Present Mic and Loud Cloud.

(Photo: Viz Media)

With a challenge conquered earlier in the chapter, the three friends have a conversation about their futures and how they want to enter into the super hero world. While Loud Cloud and Present Mic jump up and down with glee at the idea of creating their own hero agency alongside Eraserhead. Aizawa, of course, sulks alone as he looks out into the sky and wonders what the future will bring as Midnight joins in the celebration.

Of course, the heroes won't have long to celebrate as the finale of the chapter reveals that their current mentor, His Purple Highness, has fallen in battle, which means a big fight is on the horizon for these young students of UA Academy.

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The series written by Hideyuki Furuhashi and illustrated by Betten Court and is based on original concepts by My Hero Academia series creator Kohei Horikoshi. You can currently read new chapters of the series at Viz Media for free at the link here, and the entire back catalog with a Shonen Jump subscription.

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is officially described as such, "My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is set in a superpowered society, where there is nothing ordinary about evil anymore. Heroes, trained and licensed to protect and defend the public against supervillains, stand above all the rest. Not everyone can be a hero, however, and there are those who would use their powers to serve the people without legal sanction. But do they fight for justice in the shadows, or for reasons known only to themselves? Whatever they fight for, they are called... vigilantes."