My Hero Academia: Vigilantes Absolutely Needs an Anime Now

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes is arguably the biggest spin-off story that launched from the adventures of Class 1-A of UA Academy fame, taking the opportunity to follow some lesser-known heroes that operate outside of the law. With the spin-off not just following new heroes, it also explores the early lives of some major players in Kohei Horikoshi's series, and it's time that the side story received an anime adaptation of its own as My Hero Academia prepares to release its sixth season later this year. 

My Hero Academia: Vigilantes premiered two years following the introduction of the story that brought us the heroes of UA Academy, exploring a very different part of the universe that didn't follow the students of Class 1-A, but instead focused on vigilantes such as Crawler, Pop Step, and Knuckle Duster to name a few. These heroes operated in the shadows and dealt with problems that Deku and his friends rarely found themselves facing and giving fans a new style of storytelling that explored the seedy underbelly of hero society outside of the purview of One For All and All For One.

Another major aspect of Vigilantes that needs to be shown in an animated series is its flashbacks. Besides following Crawler and his crime-fighting allies, the series also takes the opportunity to explore the past of several major characters in the realm of the main series, most specifically characters like Eraserhead, Present Mic, and Midnight. In the latest season of My Hero Academia, we were able to see Aizawa and Present Mic come face-to-face with the upsetting truth that their former best friend, Oboro Shirakumo, had been transformed into a high-end Nomu. Oboro himself was now the guardian of Shigaraki, sporting the name Kurogiri and being brought back from the dead in order to fight for All For One's goals.

In My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, we are able to see the relationship between Aizawa, Present Mic, and Oboro form, seeing their early days as students within UA Academy as they worked to master their Quirks while also planning to open a hero business of their own one day. The revelation of Kurogiri's identity hits that much harder if you are aware of the background that Oboro had with his heroic friends, and it is something that is lost for those who did not follow this spin-off story. Vigilantes receiving its own anime wouldn't just give us more stories within the world of My Hero Academia, it would fill in some pivotal gaps when it comes to the lives of some of the franchise's biggest players.


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