My Hero Academia Shifts the War With Its Villains' Secret Weapon

My Hero Academia is certainly keeping fans guessing as the Final War Arc plays out – and Chapter 363 of the manga certainly gave the villains some major advantages! The heroes of My Hero Academia chose an ambitious divide-and-conquer tactic to battle archvillain All For One, his protege/vessel Tomura Shigaraki, and their army of villains; even so, the villains are proving to be as formidable in split factions as they are as a unified whole. And at the climax of My Hero Academia Chapter 363, we find out All For One has a secret weapon up his sleeve. 

(WARNING: Spoilers Follow) 

In "Those Who Defend, Those Who Violate" the heroes fighting the AFO-Shigaraki hybrid are reeling from the death of Katsuki Bakugo – who definitely looks dead. Bad goes to worse as Shigaraki looks to keep on slaughtering heroes as a horrific greeting for the (slowly) incoming Izuku Midoriya – starting with Rabbit Hero Mirko!

 Shigaraki is maiming Rumi Usagiyama and also set his sights on Eraser Head; meanwhile, Dabi is burning heroes alive to call out his father, while All For One's main body is still taking on Endeavor and Hawks, and unleashing a new phase of the war effort: hacker attack! 

Skeptic pops up in order to finally enact his personal plan for the war: realizing Re-Destro and the Meta Liberation Front's vision of a world of free-will quirk use. Skeptic reveals he helped build the system the hero army has been using to run their technological efforts – and can ergo take complete control of them! 

(Photo: Shueisha)

The list of dangers already teased in the chapter includes Skeptic being able to wreak havoc with the special protections and safe room puzzle system that is keeping U.A. High School safe. He's able to eject at least one pod full of refugees – and it seems to be the one with Shoto's family inside – along with some of those spies we know the villains implanted inside U.A. What other kind of trouble Skeptic can cause with a commandeered satellite remains to be seen... 

Judging from the title of the chapter, and All For One's end monologue, those who defend (heroes) will have to suddenly protect innocents from those who violate (villains). It's a classic superhero trope and the sort of real test of heroism that My Hero Academia's young characters were trained for. 

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