My Hero Academia Major Update to the World's Foreign Heroes

My Hero Academia made a major update to the foreign heroes of the world operating outside of Japan with the newest chapter of the series! All For One and Tomura Shigaraki's threat has grown far outside of Japan's reach as the country has fallen into total chaos following the Paranormal Liberation Front War. This had raised the question about how the rest of the world had seen the country, and fans got that answer when the United States of America's number one hero made her move and decided to fight Shigaraki in a head-on battle. 

This clash between the American superhero and the monster from Japan unfortunately cost Star and Stripe her life in the fight, and as expected, such a huge occasion has basically resulted in an international incident. Because while the foreign heroes of other countries had been looking at Japan and potentially deciding to make a move depending on what their respective countries had decided, following Star and Stripe's death, a new update reveals that help from other countries is no longer an option. Everyone is just going to guard their own from now on. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

Chapter 334 of the series explores the fallout of Star and Stripe's death at the hands of Shigaraki and while the hunt for him has resumed once more, the other countries have decided to back down from potentially helping Japan and are now turning inwards to protect themselves. Star and Stripe was considered the strongest hero in the world thanks to the power of her New Order quirk, and if such a hero could die during a fight with the villain, then those other countries aren't going to take any chances. 

Considering how much they had to think of before Star and Stripe's death, sending their potential heroes and protectors to help Japan (and possibly die) does not seem like a smart move. The loss of a hero could shift the power dynamics of the world even further than they are now (something America now has to deal with without their own number one hero), and it's something Japan and the rest of the world will need to reckon with as they prepare what to do against such an increasingly powerful villain

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