Naruto Shares Special 20th Anniversary Reel: Watch

You might find it hard to believe, but Naruto has crossed one of its biggest milestones to date. October 3rd marks the anime's 20th anniversary, and as you can imagine, fans are feeling pretty emotional about the event. After all, artist Masashi Kishimoto inspired generations with Naruto and its cast of colorful heroes. And now, a special reel has been released highlighting the best moments from the anime. 

As you can see below, the short was released by Studio Pierrot earlier today, and Road of Naruto will have fans feeling nostalgic. At ten minutes long, the clip focuses on dozens of iconic sequences from the original anime as well as Naruto Shippuden. And if some of the scenes look different, well – there is a reason for that.

After all, it isn't every day an anime turns 20 years old, and Studio Pierrot wanted to celebrate right. That is why this clip features totally re-animated scenes from Naruto. From the Valley of the End to Pain's Invasion, the anime team redid several scenes for this promo, and it has them looking better than ever.

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Of course, this short has netizens geeking out online, and this is just the first gift Studio Pierrot has to celebrate Naruto. A brand-new website opened for the franchise in Japan, and it includes plenty of new key art celebrating the Hidden Leaf. The site promises even more updates on Naruto are to come in light of its new milestone. And of course, fans can always catch up on the anime online thanks to streaming services such as Hulu and Crunchyroll.

What do you think about this special Naruto promo? Can you believe the anime is turning 20 years old? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.