Naruto Announces Konoha Shinden Manga Adaptation

Naruto has been around for decades now, and the franchise is going on strong to this day. Fans have watched the series' heroes go from being untrained brats to the saviors of the world. These days, a new generation of ninjas is leading the Hidden Leaf into the next era, and fans just learned one Naruto novel is about to get its own manga.

The update came courtesy of Shueisha as the publisher confirmed Konoha Shinden is being turned into a manga. The series will make its debut in Shonen Jump+ on October 29th. At this point, no word has been given on its overseas release schedule, but fans are hoping Manga Plus does a simultaneous release of the adaptation once it launches.

Of course, plenty of fans are already familiar with Konoha Shinden as it was released in August 2016 in Japan. The light novel, which is also known as the Steam Ninja Scrolls, focuses on Kakashi and Gai as they head on a long-awaited vacation. Once Naruto takes office as Hokage, the two ninjas celebrate retirement with a trip, and Mirai Sarutobi is tasked with accompanying the pair as a bodyguard. And when the trip's parameters change, the three Leaf ninja are forced to reevaluate their plans for what's next in life.

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This light novel was met with high praise when it debuted years ago, and of course, fans have wanted a full manga adaptation for years. Now, Konoha Shinden is getting that chance at long last. It will be joined in Shonen Jump+ with another Naruto novel later this month. Sasuke Retsuden is finally getting a manga adaptation as well, and it follows the Uchiha on a mission with Sakura shortly after their marriage.


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