Naruto Cosplay Honors Kakashi with an Expert Makeover

If you have ever gone to an anime convention, it is almost assured you've seen someone cosplay Naruto. The franchise may be over 20 years old now, but the legacy of Naruto lives on. Whether you love or hate the loudmouth ninja, there are tons of characters in the anime to fall for. And thanks to one cosplayer, they are giving Kakashi lots of love with an expert tribute.

If you head over to Instagram, you will see that the user tsukuyomihime is the one who paid homage to the hero. Kakashi is brought to life in this photoshoot with an on-point costume, and the fan says this Naruto cosplay has been on their bucket list.

"Kakashi has always been my favorite character in the Naruto series, so being able to put myself in his shoes was truly sensational. Thanks for always supporting me," they shared with fans.

As you can see above, the Naruto cosplay is simple but spot-on in every detail. From Kakashi's grey-white hair to his favorite novel, this cosplay has it all. From the top, the ninja comes to life with a styled wig that pairs with Kakashi's Hidden Leaf headband. Of course, the hero is rocking his standard ninja uniform, and his navy mask completes the outfit. Finally, a bit of make-up puts Kakashi's scar in place, and he is even seen reading in this impeccable piece.

Kakashi might have been this fan's dream cosplay, and they definitely put in the work to make the hero shine. If you want to see their takes on other shows, you can find their cosplays on Instagram. The profile for tsukuyomihime can be found here.


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