Viral Naruto Cosplay Channels Minato's Golden Years

A viral Naruto cosplay goes back in time to celebrate Minato's past.

These days, cosplaying is everywhere you look. From beginner outfits to casual closet pieces, you can find cosplay pieces all over the place. There are plenty who've dedicated their lives to the craft, and their looks never fail to impress. So of course, Naruto fans all flocked to Instagram after one fan went viral for their take on Minato Namikaze.

As you can see below, the piece comes courtesy of KYOKOSTAR. The fan, who has shared a ton of their anime-centric looks on social media, decided it was time to give Naruto's dad a swing. They went back and based a cosplay on Minato's prime years which has caught the eye of fans everywhere.

After all, the Naruto cosplay is seriously impressive. They put together one of the best wigs we've ever seen for Minato. The hair piece is perfectly feathered and layered which is quite the feat. Paired with some simple defining makeup, this Naruto cosplay really does bring Minato to life, and it shows why Kushina fell hard for the ninja.

This look is definitely timely given the focus Naruto has put on Minato as of late. If you did not know, the series creator Masashi Kishimoto inked a special one-shot for Minato this summer. The special piece explores the origins of Minato's signature jutsu all while detailing his romance with Kushina. The impressive special reminded fans everywhere why Kishimoto is unmatched when it comes to Naruto. So of course, this Minato cosplay goes along with this new one shot perfectly.

If you are not caught up on Naruto, the hit series can be binged everywhere from Hulu to Crunchyroll. As for its manga, Naruto can be read on the Shonen Jump app. This also includes the main series' sequels as Boruto Uzumaki has two manga to his name at this point.

What do you think about this impressive Naruto cosplay? Does the look do Minato justice? Let us know what you think in the comments below as well as on Twitter and Instagram. You can also hit me up @MeganPetersCB to share your take!