Naruto Cosplay Highlights the Akatsuki's True Leader

Naruto: Shippuden may have shut its doors years ago, but its power lives on in the anime fandom. [...]

Naruto: Shippuden may have shut its doors years ago, but its power lives on in the anime fandom. As the series continues with Boruto, fans new and old continue to check out Naruto Uzumaki's origin story from years past. This is how the Akatsuki villains have found new life, and one cosplay felt it was time to honor their favorite baddie.

The piece comes from eeveella_cos over on Instagram. The fan felt it was time to spend time bringing Tobi - or rather Obito - to life. The photoshoot was done in the wake of improved vaccination efforts against COVID-19 and marks one of many to come with cosplayers this year.

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As you can see above, the cosplay brings Obito to life with some impressive makeup and scarring. Obito's facial scars are easy to pick out on the side of his face. This is because Obito couldn't escape the trauma he was dealt during that fateful cave in, but Tobi was able to cover the marks with his mask.

Obviously, the Akatsuki member's mask is shown here in full color, and its rugged state feels appropriate given all the battles it went through. The rest of the Naruto cosplay comes together with some fierce eyeliner, a Sharingan edit, and a styled crop cut. A bit of photo editing makes it seems like Obito is about to his time-space jutsu to travel, so this shoot was researched well ahead of time.

Tobi may have been treated like a joke for much of Naruto: Shippuden, but the series changed that up in the end. The Akatsuki member was shown to be the group's true leader after Pain infiltrated the Hidden Leaf. Now, this gritty cosplay shows the man behind the mask, and it's giving fans an all-new appreciation of Obito.

If you want to see more of eeveella_cos, you can check out their Instagram here.

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