Naruto Gives Closure to Two Important Deaths

Over the years, Naruto has experienced its fair share of loss, and it is hard to imagine a world [...]

Over the years, Naruto has experienced its fair share of loss, and it is hard to imagine a world where all of its top heroes made it through the series alive. After all, the franchise had to part ways with some of its best characters, and their loss is still felt today by our heroes. From Itachi to the Third Hokage, these deaths have often been given the closure they deserve, but there are several that haven't been addressed properly. And thanks to a recent episode of Boruto, two very important deaths have been closed for good.

This weekend welcomed a new episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations as always. The new episode kicked off a new arc that will focus heavily on Ao. Of course, fans will remember the man as he was a major character in the Great Ninja War, and his survival gave closure to the deaths of Inoichi and Shikaku.

Boruto's new episode checked in on Ino and Shikamaru was the pair began mourning the loss of their fathers. The two were killed during the war after the Ten-Tails targeted HQ to send the soldiers into a panic. Inoichi was able to send some last words to his daughter before helping Shikaku reach Shikamaru. However, their last moments haunted the two children until Ao could tell them what those seconds were like.

"They said they were proud of you, their son and daughter. That they were sure you would pull it off. They believed in you, without a hint of doubt. It was splendid and befitting end for the two of them," Ao told the pair after Ino and Shikamaru stopped the man during a visit to the Hidden Leaf.

The flashback was an emotional one that left the two teammates in tears, and fans got teary as well. After all, the two deaths still sting even after all this time, and this closure only reminds fans of other losses that haven't been resolved just yet.

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