Naruto: Boruto May Have to Delay an Upcoming Episode

When it comes to Boruto, the hero is on the cusp of a whole new battle as his dad and mentor are [...]

When it comes to Boruto, the hero is on the cusp of a whole new battle as his dad and mentor are facing off with a mysterious foe. The leader of Kara is set on taking the two fighters out if it means bringing back Kawaki, so it goes without saying fans are invested in the show these days. But if a report is true, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations may hit a delay shortly.

The news comes from TV Tokyo and its online site. It was there the page's broadcast schedule updated its list of Boruto episodes, and it turns out episode 209 could very well be delayed. This is because of a sporting event, but there is a chance Boruto could air as planned.

According to the update, Boruto might not be able to air on July 25 because of a sports program. The special will air from 2:00 - 5:45 pm JST, so that could conflict with Boruto's usual air time. So if a compromise cannot be reached, episode 209 will likely be delayed a week.

If a delay happens, fans could expect episode 209 to go live on the first of August. There is also a chance Boruto could push its time slot back a half hour. At this point, nothing has been confirmed about how this snafu will be handled, but netizens are inclined to believe a hiatus is on the way.

Obviously, the show has to do what TV Tokyo demands, but Boruto fans will be riding on thin patience by late July. The anime is starting to tackle its juiciest arc yet as Naruto and Sasuke learned how powerful Jigen is. The Uchiha had to teleport home for medical treatment while Naruto stalled for time and ultimately ended up sealed. By the time this delay happens, the arc will be at its climax, so you can see why netizens are already dreading this unexpected break!

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