Boruto Cliffhanger Leaves Sasuke's Life in the Balance

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations left Sasuke Uchiha's life hanging in the balance with the [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations left Sasuke Uchiha's life hanging in the balance with the cliffhanger from its newest episode! After Naruto was able to successfully defeat Delta in the first real fight he's had with a member of Kara, Naruto and the rest of the Hidden Leaf Village have been preparing for the shadow group's next move. One thing they didn't expect, however, was that Jigen would be the one taking action directly as he used Kawaki's Karma power as a tunnel straight to the Uzumaki household to claim Kawaki. Then the previous episode then ended with a tease that Jigen was going to fight Naruto and Sasuke in another dimension.

The newest episode of the series makes good on that promise as both Naruto and Sasuke officially made their move against Jigen, but soon they realized just how unprepared they truly were for Jigen's power. The two of them had been beaten so badly that not only was Naruto left in a terrible situation by the end of the episode as Jigen sealed him away, but Sasuke has been left on the brink of death as well.

Boruto Naruto Spoilers Sasuke Death Jigen Fight Cliffhanger
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Episode 204 of the series sees Naruto and Sasuke give it their all in order to defeat Jigen, but the two of their combined efforts is nowhere near enough to completely win. Jigen's strange abilities together with the power from his Karma seal were just too much for them. With Jigen pinning the both of them down near the end of the episode, Naruto tells Sasuke to use the last of his chakra to escape on his own while Naruto stayed behind.

Jigen had planned to seal Naruto away to deal with him later, but was going to kill Sasuke due to Sasuke's abilities causing trouble for him. So Sasuke was able to escape back to his home, but he's in no condition to return at the moment. Sakura then finds him on the floor, covered in wounds, and all Sasuke can muster with the last of his remaining strength is "Don't you die...Naruto!" as the episode draws closer to its end.

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