Naruto Trips Up Expectations with New Kashin Koji Reveal

Ever since he became the Hokage, Naruto has been busy overseeing the Hidden Leaf, and he has done a solid job at keeping the land thriving. With few threats on the horizon, the city has flourished, but Kara hopes to destroy that peace of mind. If you did not know, the organization has directed its focus to the Hidden Leaf now that Naruto is protecting Kawaki, and the anime's latest visit to Kashin Koji left most fans with their jaws on the floor.

If you will recall, Kashin is one of the inner members of Kara, and he has some seriously suspicious powers. The white-haired ninja has drawn comparisons to Jiraiya too many times for comfort. He can use the Rasengan and even summon toads just like the late Sannin. And as it turns out, his chakra is even registered to the Hidden Leaf.

kashin jiraiya
(Photo: Pierrot)

Episode 195 confirmed this was true when Kashin met with Delta outside of the village. The man tells his comrade there is a league of ninja in the town who monitor for intruders by checking the chakra signatures in the Hidden Leaf. Kashin warns Delta she will be found out immediately if she steps foot into the Hidden Leaf, but he is safe to go in. And once he lands inside the city walls, Kashin is clear to proceed.

Clearly, this means Kashin has ties to the Hidden Leaf Village. His chakra signature is known to the city, and he is able to enter its walls without raising alarm. Of course, this has only fueled speculation that Kashin is connected to Jiraiya in some way, and the evidence in Boruto is hard to deny in this case.


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