Boruto Synopsis Sets Up a Major Kawaki Moment

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has returned to the events of its manga with the "Vessel Arc", introducing Team 7 to the vessel of the Kara Organization in Kawaki, and a new synopsis for a future episode proves that the mysterious new character is starting to get used to the people and places of Konoha. When we first saw Kawaki, he was no slouch when it came to the power department as he was able to unleash a torrent of energy that swallowed the nefarious villain known as Garou, and it seems that anime fans will now learn more about his softer side.

The Vessel Arc was originally told in the pages of Boruto's manga, with the anime adding a bit more information to the proceedings by exploring the younger years of Kawaki. With the Vessel being sold by his drunk father to the Kara Organization, the nefarious collective's leader, Jigen, decided that Kawaki would be the perfect being to inherit a large amount of power that would fall right into the hands of Kara. Kawaki himself was taken in recently by the Hidden Leaf Village, and while he did try to escape, he is beginning to realize that perhaps this collection of ninjas might be his best bet to living a normal life.

Boruto Kawaki
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The preview for episode 195 of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations hints that Naruto is looking to take Kawaki "out on the town" and has the following description:

"Kawaki and the rest go to Ino's shop to buy a vase. How does Naruto act when Kawaki chooses a vase at random. One the way, they run into Sarada and the others."

Team 7 is still a little unsure as to how to react to Kawaki, as the threat of the Kara Organization is still very real and they can't one hundred percent confirm that this new addition to the Hidden Leaf isn't a double agent to help push forward Jigen's plans. Needless to say, with Kara and its leader Jigen still plotting in the shadows, it's clear that Boruto and his friends are going to need all the help that they can get as they attempt to protect their village and discover the mysteries of this new threat to Konoha and the Ninja World.


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