Naruto Introduces Kaguya's Otsutsuki Partner

Throughout the decades, the main antagonists of the Naruto series have been the Otsutsuki, the [...]

Throughout the decades, the main antagonists of the Naruto series have been the Otsutsuki, the celestial ninjas that have been pulling the strongest since the very beginning, attempting to create a new world through the Akatsuki, and now with the Kara Organization. With the final story beats of Naruto: Shippuden revealing that the mother of the villainous Otsutsuki Clan, Kaguya, was behind the power that Madara Uchiha and Obito had, it seems as if the celestial being has once again appeared in the latest arc of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations with her secret partner being revealed.

The energy known as Karma has been revealed to essentially be a delivery system, wherein the minds and personalities of the Otsutsuki are able to be transplanted into ninja warriors of their choosing, should said brawlers be deemed worthy of becoming vessels. While Jigen has proved himself to be a powerhouse as the villainous head of the Kara Organization, his power is thanks to the Karma of the villainous Isshiki and it seems as if the head of Kara had overstepped his bounds when it came to interacting with Kaguya. While Jigen is still in charge, expect some major developments regarding Isshiki as the anime adaptation continues.

Twitter User Abdul_S17 shared these new images showing off the betrayal that flowed out of the relationship between Kaguya and Isshiki, proving that even though they might both be Otsutsuki, there is no love lost between the two all-powerful ninjas that are seeking to change the world in their favor:

Currently, Jigen has his hands full not just with the ninjas of the Hidden Leaf Village, but more so from within, as the mysterious Kashin Koji has vowed to take down the vessel for Isshiki. With Koji's identity soon to be revealed in the latest battle, the result of this head-to-head fight will have big ramifications not just for Kara, but for the ninja world at large. Needless to say, we'll learn more about Jigen and his Otsutsuki self, Isshiki, as the latest battle continues to determine the future of Kara.

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