Naruto Shares First Kara Arc Trailer for Boruto

It has been a while since Boruto graced the air, but the sequel is back to its normal schedule. [...]

It has been a while since Boruto graced the air, but the sequel is back to its normal schedule. The show came back to air this weekend after being on hiatus due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Now, fans are ready for Boruto to take on its next big arc, and a trailer for the Kara-centric stint has gone live.

Recently, an official clip went live from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations that teased the Kara arc. Fans were informed the saga would begin shortly after the anime returned to the air. However, few expected a promo to go live so fast. It seems the team behind Boruto was ready to meet the demand, and the promo promises to introduce Kara at long last.

You can find the trailer above if you haven't seen it for yourself. The clip focuses on Naruto and Sasuke to start as the friends argue at the Homage Tower. It doesn't take long for Sarada and Boruto to show up before Kara comes in at the end. Fans are shown what appears to be a meeting as Kara gathers in their dark cloaks.

It seems there are a select few members of Kara much like the Akatsuki. One man is seen leading the group as the shadowed man sits in a chair. Their cloak makes his features indistinguishable but fans did get a close look at his dark eyes.

The start of this arc marks the beginnings of a major renaissance for the anime. Fans have long complained about the anime's inability to adapt the manga's content. The situation has prompted all sorts of frustration from fans who are tired of so-called filler arcs obscuring the story. The introduction of the Kara arc should do away with much of that frustration, but it is up to Boruto to keep it that way.

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