New Boruto Promo Teases Sasuke and Sai's Comeback

The Kara Organization Arc is about to begin in the anime series of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, introducing the biggest threat to Konoha currently in the chapters of the manga, and it seems as though this introduction will also mark the return of both Sasuke Uchiha and Sai. Though the two older ninjas of Konoha are no strangers to the sequel series of Boruto, this will mark their return to the anime series that is looking to more closely follow the events taking place in its source material, after over one hundred episodes creating original stories.

The Kara Organization are a group of rogue ninja that are looking to further the goals of the space faring ninja known as the Otsutsuki, with the energy known as Karma playing a big part in their march toward dominating the world for their own devices. While Sai isn't as prominent as Sasuke in the sequel series of Boruto, he definitely has his moments and still is liable to draw up a living painting that takes the shapes of lions, tigers, and bears from time to time. With one of the last big fights that Sasuke was a part of involving the Otsutsuki member named Urashiki, he certainly knows his way around a battle with these devious intergalactic warriors.

Twitter User Boruto4Life shared this clip from a Japanese television program that shows off a clip from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' upcoming arc featuring the Kara Organization, showing off the return of Sasuke and Sai as they apparently are working on a mysterious new mission for Konoha:

Sasuke has been proving himself an invaluable part of the Hidden Leaf Village, working in the shadows as a ninja looking to stay under the radar to do more of Konoha's "wet work". The events that take place in the manga after the upcoming return of the anime put the final member of the Uchiha clan through the ringer, teaming him up with Naruto once again to tag team the head of Kara in Jigen. Proving to be one of the biggest fights of the franchise, it will be amazing to see how this tag team ninja battle is translated into the anime itself.

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