Boruto Sees Kawaki Make A Drastic Decision About His Loyalty To Naruto

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is chronicling the story of Naruto's son Boruto following in his [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is chronicling the story of Naruto's son Boruto following in his dad's footsteps to become one of the most powerful shinobi in the world. However, Naruto has also taken on a surrogate son in recent chapters of the Boruto manga: Kawaki, a powerful living weapon modeled by the Kara organization and its Otsutsuki leader. Due to his affiliation with Kara and his traumatic upbringing under its leader, Jigen, Kawaki has had a hard time finding either peace or a proper place within Hidden Leaf's borders. And now, in Chapter 60 of the Boruto manga, Kawaki makes a drastic decision about his loyalty to Naruto, and the people of Hidden Leaf the Hokage protects.

Warning: Boruto Chapter 60 SPOILERS Follow!

The fight to protect Kawaki from Jigen (aka Isshiki Otsutsuki) cost the life of Naruto's Nine-Tails beast, Kurama, and cost Sasuke the power of his Rinnegan. Hidden Leaf is now without the strongest powers that are used to protect it, and even though Isshiki is now dead, a new deadly wave of Kara cyborgs are gathering together to get revenge on Naruto and co.

Since Kawaki's arrival in Hidden Leaf, many of Naruto's companions (and the series readers) have questioned where Kawaki's loyalties truly lie. It's a valid question since the Boruto series' very first scene reveals a future where teenaged Kawaki and Boruto are battling over the ruins of Hidden Leaf. Right now, Kawaki knows about the threat of Code, the flawed vessel Jigen groomed alongside Kawaki. However, no one knows that Code has now released two new psychotic sibling cyborgs to team up with him: the all-seeing Ada, and her unkillable little brother Daemon. With that level of threat, Hidden Leaf is all but doomed before the fight has even begun - unless Boruto and Kawaki, somehow step up and answer the call to fulfill the protector roles Naruto and Sasuke once held.

Naruto Boruto 60 Spoilers Kawaki Loyalty Betrayal Decision

Kawaki has been offered a way to get the necessary power he needs to take on the likes of Code. Amado has informed Kawaki that he can convert the Karma mark that Jigen placed on him into something that's purely a weapon - instead of a route for Isshiki Otsutsuki's resurrection. That Faustian bargain has been rattling around in Kawaki's head, and fans have been waiting to see if this Karma transformation heralds the leveled-up power we've seen from teenage Kawaki.

However, in Boruto Chapter 60 Kawaki makes a different choice: he forsakes Amado's offer, stating, "Gimme a break. I don't need no Karma. There's still one thing that I can do to protect Konoha and Lord Seventh..."

We have no idea what Kawaki's ominous plan may lead to in terms of action - will he go after Code himself, thinking that killing his rival will save Naruto and Co.? If so, Kawaki has no idea what he's in for...

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