Boruto Reveals Why Naruto Wants to Protect Kawaki So Badly

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has introduced the character of Kawaki to the Naruto franchise - a [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has introduced the character of Kawaki to the Naruto franchise - a powerful young man who is destined to be the Sasuke to Boruto's Naruto, in ways both good and bad. However, Kawaki's arrival has been a dark cloud over Hidden Leaf, as he's brought the threat of the Kara Organization and its deadly cyborgs right to Naruto's doorstep. With Kara has also come the threat of new and old Otsutsuki foes, meaning Kawaki is possibly the most costly guest in the Naruto series. However, the latest Boruto includes a touching reveal from Naruto, about why he wants to protect Kawaki so badly...

Warning: Boruto Chapter 60 SPOILERS Follow!

In the latest chapter of Boruto's manga, Kawaki is (once again) feeling like a major burden on Naruto's house, as well as the village and people he protects. Just going out to the market makes Kawaki all-too-aware of how the people of Hidden Leaf now view him, following the attack by Jigen/Isshiki Otsutsuki - and it's not a friendly vibe at all.

Eventually, Kawaki ends up on the Hokage monument, staring at the village ready to leave it all behind, as he has no real place in it. However, Naruto must repeatedly - through both speech and physical force - make Kawaki understand that his true place is in the Uzumaki household, as Naruto's surrogate son.

In a touching scene between Naruto and Kawaki, the Hokage explains why he's putting so much on the line to protect the young outsider:

"Your place is here," Naruto tells Kawaki. "My family thinks so, at the very least. You can stay with us for as long as you want. But if you just can't feel the same, then I've failed my job as Hokage. Sorry."

Boruto Reaveals Why Naruto Wants to Protect Kawai So Badly 60 Spoilers

That monologue is actually a pretty profound and deep statement coming from Naruto. The entire saga of Naruto is built on the theme of the unlikely and dangerous outsider who eventually becomes the hero of the people that once shunned him. Boruto is playing things a lot closer to the vest when it comes to Kawaki's fate; the series' opening flash-forward sequence has only told us that teenage versions of Boruto and Kawaki will one day violently battle on the same monument where Kawaki apparently found a measure of peace sitting in thought and admiration of Hidden Leaf. The context of that fight continues to become increasingly intriguing (and seemingly tragic) as Boruto continues to unfold.

Will Kawaki turn out to be the hero that Naruto believed he can become? Or the Hokage's greatest mistake?

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