Naruto Cliffhanger Teases Amado's Real Intentions

Boruto Uzumaki has dealt with his share of baddies since becoming a ninja, and his dad knows how [...]

Boruto Uzumaki has dealt with his share of baddies since becoming a ninja, and his dad knows how much trouble that can be worth. And if you are caught up with the manga right now, you know things are about to get even worse for the family as the remains of Kara are gunning for the Hidden Leaf. Now, a new update has shed light on Amado and his shady scheme for Kawaki.

The whole update went live this week when Boruto: Naruto Next Generations put out chapter 59. It was there fans checked in on Kawaki as he sulked over his lacking power. The loss of Karma has kept the boy from accessing all the strength he once had. This is why Amado said the boy could get his own type of Karma to unleash his power stores, but he is not offering to do so out of kindness.

Boruto Amado Manga Chapter 48
(Photo: Viz Media)

The new Boruto chapter shows an after-hours conversation that Sumire has with her supervisor. The young girl, who is studying under Amado, asks the older man why he offered to bring back the Karma mark. The question seems to have triggered Amado as he shifts his focus to Sumire and things only get worse from there.

Not only does Amado call the girl stupid, but he also accuses her of being a spy for Shikamaru. Sumire goes on to stress her desire to work with Amado, but it seems the damage is done. Amado ends the Boruto chapter with a shady send-off as he tells Sumire something strange.

"If you'd stayed silent, you might've drawn out more intel. Don't you understand strategy," Amado asks before Sumire questions whether he is really plotting something. "So you're just stupid."

As it seems, Amado has a hidden agenda about Karma and returning it to Kawaki, but fans aren't sure what that is all about. The boy is set on protecting the Hokage from Code, but he cannot do so at his current level of power. Sumire is in the hot seat for questioning Amado about his offer, but we still don't know if his plan will pan out. But given how smart Amado is, fans are willing to bet his scheme is all going according to plan for now.

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