Naruto: New Poster and Synopsis Welcome Boruto's New Arc

Naruto Uzumaki is going through a lot these days, and the anime is about to make things even worse [...]

Naruto Uzumaki is going through a lot these days, and the anime is about to make things even worse for the hero. If you did not know, the Hidden Leaf Village has come under attack by Jigen who leads Kara from the shadows. After his plan to steal away Kawaki failed, Jigen is now fighting Naruto and Sasuke in a whole other dimension, and a new Boruto poster has gone live teasing the show's new arc.

After all, there is no way Jigen could pop up without an arc to himself. The villain is getting his own little aside, but he will have to share it with Kawaki and Boruto.

As you can see below, a new poster for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has gone live, and this one focuses on our heroes. Naruto and Sasuke are shown as expected as the elders are busy keeping their village safe. Boruto and Kawaki are shown with the pair, and they've connected all thanks to Karma. Both of the heroes are seen using Karma here, but Jigen has his own tricks hidden away right now.

A short description was also released for this new saga which is being called the Otsutsuki Awakening arc. Rocha_luana translated the Boruto blurb into English on Twitter, and you can read part of it below for all the details:

"As the battle with Kara has intensified, Boruto and Kawaki - who often fought with each other - began to help one another by sharing the same power. The Karma had gradually deepened their bond. On the other hand, Jigen - the leader of Kara - began to move constantly in order to fulfill his ambitions.

Jigen, who finally showed himself to everyone, defined the Hidden Leaf village as his goal. He has expanded the battle to include not just Boruto and Kawaki, but the entire village... Finally, the final battle between Jigen and Boruto begins."

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