Naruto Teases Boruto's Next Surprising Karma Power

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has reached an interesting turning point in its Eida focused arc, and the newest chapter of the series is teasing that there are still some new powers that Boruto Uzumaki and Kawaki can unlock with further use of their Karma! Now that Code has been defeated for now and broken up from Eida and her brother Daemon, the manga has taken an unique turn as now the current plan is to bring the two powerful androids to the Hidden Leaf Village in order to further monitor them and start a cohabitation with Boruto and Kawaki before Eida makes her next move.

With Boruto: Naruto Next Generations now taking its next steps to bringing Eida and Daemon into the Hidden Leaf Village fully, the newest chapter of the series has revealed that Eida has more tricks up her sleeves that she had been letting on. Taking flight to make her way to Boruto and Kawaki, it seems like a pretty big deal until Amado actually explains that flying is just something the Otsutsuki Clan can do and it's something that Boruto and Kawaki will have the ability to do with their Karma soon enough. 

(Photo: Shueisha)

What is This New Karma Power? 

Chapter 74 of the manga series brings Eida and Daemon to the Hidden Leaf Village, and she accepts Shikamaru's plan to live together with Kawaki and Boruto while being monitored. Explaining that she doesn't want to stand out so much (as he power instantly makes a bunch of the ninja around her fall in love), she decides to fly to her new home instead. It surprises Shikaramaru, but Amado reveals that flight is not only a common power among those like the Otsutsuki and Eida but "Even Boruto and Kawaki may start zipping about before long." 

Flight being an ability at their disposal would also make for a huge leveling up than seen in the franchise's past. While Naruto and his powerful forms have seen the shinobi dart around the sky, it's far different from having the full ability to fly. It makes Boruto and Kawaki's continuing evolutions with Karma all the more interesting if they will be able to use these god like abilities when at full power, and further teases what kind of other secret abilities the Karma mark could have

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