Naruto Teaches Boruto the Rasenshuriken in Fan-Made Short

Since the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, our new protagonist of the franchise that [...]

Since the beginning of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, our new protagonist of the franchise that made Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village a household name has been trying his best to live up to the legacy of his father, Naruto the Seventh Hokage, and one fan has created a stylish video that imagines the father passing along one of his strongest attacks to his son! While Boruto has been doing a fine job of living up to his father's legacy throughout the sequel anime series, he definitely has a long way to go to reach the strength of his dear old dad.

Boruto has learned a number of different techniques that his father had known such as the regular Rasengan, Shadow Clone Jutsu, and your run of the mill ninjutsu moves, but he has yet to learn some of the more complicated techniques of his father like the Rasenshuriken. Naruto did have a leg up when it came to overall power level thanks in part to the nine tailed fox hidden within himself, though Boruto has a "demon" inside of himself as well in the form of the Otsutsuki member that is currently residing inside him thanks in part to the energy known as Karma. With Boruto continuing to improve, we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time until he learns all of the moves his father perfected!

Fan Artist ISV_Productions shared this impressive video that shows what it might look like if Naruto were to finally teach his son how to create, and wield, the Rasenshuriken that has helped the seventh hokage out of a number of life or death situations long before he became the leader of the Hidden Leaf Village:

Currently, in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, the war between Konoha and the villainous organization known as Kara has taken a very different turn as the rogue ninja collective has started something of a "civil war" with Kashin Koji attempting to snuff out the flame of the group's leader, Jigen. Though things are definitely looking a little brighter for the Hidden Leaf, it definitely wouldn't hurt if Boruto were to learn some new moves in the near future!

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