Naruto Unleashes Sarada's Chidori in This Epic Scene

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations featured Team 7 betting it all in their [...]

The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations featured Team 7 betting it all in their attempt to rescue the Seventh Hokage of Konoha from the clutches of Jigen and the Kara Organization, and in doing so, showed off Sarada Uchiha displaying the insane power that runs in the family. Using the Chidori, a move that was used predominantly by both her father Sasuke and the copycat ninja Kakashi, Sarada was able to take the reins as the new leader of Team 7 and strike a huge blow against Boro with his insane regenerative abilities.

Jigen has proved himself to be the strongest villain that the Hidden Leaf Village has faced down to date, with the leader of the Kara Organization managing to defeat both Sasuke and Naruto in a handicap match that has definitely shook the foundations of the ninja world. With Naruto now in the clutches of the villainous group, Boro has acted as a massive roadblock to Team 7's rescue operations, even with the addition of Kawaki to their ranks. With his healing factor and deadly virus in the air, Sarada proved herself worthy of the title of leader for Team 7 as she used the Chidori to take Boro down a peg, removing the technology that allowed him to heal so quickly from any wound.

Twitter User Anime Evi Beeee shared the screen captures from the latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations wherein Sarada proved once again that she truly is her father's daughter, unleashing the electrifying attack that Sasuke has relied on throughout the majority of Masashi Kishimoto's series:

Unfortunately for Team 7, while they made progress against Boro, an unexpected event took place wherein the energy known as Karma allowed for Momoshiki to overtake Boruto's body, which might prove to be far more deadly than the current battle against the Kara Organization that they have on their hands now. With a new opening for the anime series hinting at some major developments to come, Team 7 is going to need all the help they can get in battling Jigen and his cronies.

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