Naruto Sets Up the Hidden Leaf's Latest Asylum Seekers

Naruto loves few things more than a good plot twist, and the series has let a number of them go down within the Hidden Leaf. Whether good or bad, tons of surprises have taken the village off guard over the years from Orochimaru's ambush to the arrival of Pain. Now, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is ready to continue the series' twists with another village surprise, and fans can only hope Shikamaru won't live to regret the plan he set into motion.

The whole thing got started a few months back when Boruto planted some seeds with help from Shikamaru. The genius made a plea with Daemon and Eida after the two cyborgs showed up in the village with Code. It was there the advisor told the pair they could take refuge in the Hidden Leaf should they defect from Code's group, but no one took the pitch seriously.

As it turns out, the offer was enough to pique the girl's interest. The most recent chapter of Boruto did the unexpected when it carved a rift between Code and Eida. While the former is still obsessed with fulfilling Isshiki's will, Eida wants nothing more than to seduce Kawaki, and she has the best chance of doing so within the Hidden Leaf. So in the end, it doesn't take Amado long to convince Eida and her little brother to swap teams.

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Chapter 71 ends with Amado telling the trio they should head to the Hidden Leaf, and there is no telling what awaits them there. Shikamaru has been suspicious of Amado from the start, and while he offered refuge to the other cyborgs, the details of the deal aren't laid out. The plan could go south still, and if it does, there is no telling whether Sasuke or Naruto could deal with Eida's charm.

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