Naruto Cosplay Resurrects Jiraiya With A Fem Twist

Considered to be the most tragic death in the Shonen franchise to date, Jiraiya's demise battling [...]

Considered to be the most tragic death in the Shonen franchise to date, Jiraiya's demise battling against his former student Pain remains one of the most heart-wrenching moments in Masashi Kishimoto's Naruto franchise, and one fan has resurrected the legendary Sennin using some amazing Cosplay. Though Jiraiya was never resurrected during any of the storylines that saw numerous ninjas brought back from the grave to attack the Hidden Leaf Village, he remains one of the most beloved characters of the Shonen franchise and was a fundamental part of Naruto's goal in becoming the Seventh Hokage of Konoha.

Though Jiraiya hasn't been brought back, viewers did have the opportunity to see him once again during the recent time-traveling saga that saw Boruto and Sasuke from the present traveling back to the earlier years of the Naruto franchise. In this arc, Jiraiya was able to meet the ninjas from the future as he continued to train the young Naruto, setting him on the path to becoming the leader of Konoha. While Jiraiya most likely won't be resurrected any time soon, his name has been brought up in the anime series more than a few times with Kashin Koji exhibiting more than a few similarities with the "Pervy Sage,".

Instagram Cosplayer Nay C Freitas shared this impeccable take on the teacher of Naruto, whose personality and power set made him one of the most memorable characters created by Masashi Kishimoto over the course of the Shonen series' history:

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Kashin Koji and his band of nefarious ninjas have been quite active to date, attempting to take down Konoha and bring back the Vessel known as Kawaki within their ranks. With Naruto and Sasuke losing the battle against Jigen in a handicap match that went terribly for the strongest ninjas of the Hidden Leaf, Team 7 has set out on a rescue mission that has pitted them against the cult leader Boro. Needless to say, these are dangerous times for Konoha, and don't be surprised if certain elements from the past make their way back into the present.

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