Naruto’s Entire Anime is Coming to Funimation

As has been hinted on social media, Funimation has confirmed that all two hundred and twenty [...]

As has been hinted on social media, Funimation has confirmed that all two hundred and twenty episodes of the original Naruto anime will be arriving on July 6th. With the anime having been made available on Netflix and Crunchyroll in the past, these episodes will cover the first series, pre-Shippuden and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, that introduce us to the world of Konoha the Hidden Leaf Village as well as the friends and foes that make up this ninja world that was brought to life by Studio Pierrot and originally created by Masashi Kishimoto.

With hundreds of episodes spanning the course of three series, the Naruto franchise is easily the most popular ninja Shonen series, often arguably becoming the most popular Shonen series as it has battled for top credits over the likes of Dragon Ball and One Piece to claim the title. Beginning next week, the first two hundred and twenty episodes will be made available on Funimation's streaming service, letting fans revisit the series, or perhaps, watch it for the first time to catch up on the adventures of Naruto as he attempts to accomplish his dream of becoming the Hokage of his village and protect his fellow ninjas from a series of threats.

Funimation shared the news on their Official Twitter Account, following the announcement during Funimation Con 2020, letting fans know that they'll be able to start streaming the Naruto anime beginning next week with all 220 episodes of the first series:

Currently, the franchise is following the son of Naruto, Boruto, as the original protagonist takes his place as the seventh hokage of Konoha. While the series predominantly focuses on Boruto, there has definitely been plenty for the original hero to do as the Hidden Leaf Village faces off against the villainous organization known as Kara. Though Boruto: Naruto Next Generations was originally delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it is looking to return with the introduction of the series' next big phase!

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