Boruto's Big Kawaki Battle Hits Youtube Milestone

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest installment has been making the rounds among fans of the [...]

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations' latest installment has been making the rounds among fans of the Hidden Leaf Village, as the animation studio behind the series has given audiences a dynamic fight between Kawaki and the Kara Organization agent known as Garou, and it seems as if the battle is making waves on Youtube. With the episode ending with Kawaki winning his battle and Team 7 deciding that it was time to bring the Vessel back to Konoha to have him examined by the Seventh Hokage, it definitely seems as if the anti-hero has a big future in the franchise.

Though the celebration began with the clip itself hitting one million views, it currently sits at 3.5 million, proving that the sequel to the Naruto series definitely still has a big following, especially when some major battles take place. The fight between Kawaki and Garou was definitely one of the most brutal in the series' history, with the Vessel deciding to finish off the Kara member that has put him through so much torment. With Kawaki blowing off Garou's jaw during his childhood once he was brought into the Kara Organization, there definitely is a lot of bad blood between the two ninja.

Though Kawaki has just been introduced in the anime, Boruto's manga has seen the Vessel become a big part of the Hidden Leaf Village, with franchise creator Masashi Kishimoto returning as a writer to kill off one of the biggest characters since the very beginning of the series. The Kara Organization continues to change following a giant civil war within its ranks but it will clearly remain a threat to Team 7 and the other ninja of Konoha.

Fans of Naruto have been waiting for some time to see the Vessel Arc, with the majority of Boruto's earlier episodes following "filler", aka stories that had been created specifically for the anime, rather than having originally appeared in the manga. With there being plenty of material left to cover in the manga before the anime can catch up to recent chapters, it's clear that Kawaki is going to have plenty more battles in his future, which might have the franchise breaking even more records on Youtube.

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