Naruto x Jordan Collab Reveals First Look

Naruto Uzumaki may have left his heyday behind him, but the anime is still thriving decades after its debut. The hit series continues to inspire new collectibles and spin-offs to this day. In fact, fans learned Nike was eyeing Naruto for a Jordan collaboration this month. And now, well – we have been given a first look at the collection.

The peek comes from Modern Notoriety as you can see below. Fans were given a peek at the three shoes taking part in the collab. Zion Williams and Jordan teamed up to create the colorways for the Zion 1 kicks, and honestly? They are some of the best anime sneakers we've seen in recent years.

As you can tell, the three Naruto colorways are inspired by the Sage of Six Paths, Madara Uchiha, and Kurama. The first design leans into the sage by borrowing their shades of orange and yellow. Naruto's Six Paths form uses all of those colors, and the sneakers even feature symbols which the ninja dons on his cloak.

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The second colorway is based on Madara given its black-white vibes. There are red accents placed around the Zion 1 to mimic the Uchiha's Sharingan. And as for Kurama's kicks, the Tailed Beast lends his blood-red hue here. To be specific, these shoes are inspired by the rage form Naruto takes when he unlocks his host's fourth tail for the first time. You can see nods to that design on the heels of these shoes, and there is even a chakra symbol located on their backs to boot.

These kicks haven't hit the market just yet, but Nike lovers can start saving for their drop. Each shoe in this Naruto collab will run about $130 USD, and of course, you can expect them to sell out ASAP.

What do you think about this Naruto collection so far? Are you hoping to nab a pair of these Jordans? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.