Naruto Proves Sasuke and Sakura Are a Dream Team in New Manga

Naruto isn't shy about its big star, but the Hidden Leaf's knucklehead isn't the only impressive ninja in the place. Team 7 has proven itself to be a threat time and time again. These days, that has been made clearer than ever thanks to a brand-new manga, and it seems the Naruto spin-off is taking the time to show why Sasuke and Sakura might be the real dream team of the group.

After all, the latest chapter of Sasuke's Story: The Uchiha and the Heavenly Stardust gives us tons of Team 7 content. While Naruto languishes at home with a mysterious illness, Sasuke has been working hard to cure his friend. Sakura has gotten in on the mission as well thanks to a cover story. And for once, we get to see the pair work a mission together as adults.

The Real Stars of Team 7

During this latest update, the manga follows Sasuke and Sakura as they work together to score intel in a high-risk card game. The mission carries on as Sakura is left to solve a puzzle few could ever hope to untangle, and Sasuke helps get information from the ground up to fill in its gaps. By the end of chapter four, the couple has discovered a new lead on how Naruto's illness relates to a star chart locked away at a foreign prison. And if you aren't impressed by their teamwork, well – just think how this would have gone if Naruto and Sasuke did it.

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Sakura's teamwork with Sasuke may not be as aggressive as we see with Naruto, but it is by no means less valuable. There are things only Sakura can do that her teammates cannot which further proves how skewed Haruno's haters see the girl. And as Sasuke's Story carries on, we can expect to see the Uchiha couple embrace the sort of teamwork you'd expect from the legendary Team 7.

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