Naruto: Sakura VA Chie Nakamura Announces Indefinite Hiatus Over Health Issues

Today, the Naruto fandom is sending love to one of their own as a star from the anime has announced a temporary leave from the series. Chie Nakamura announced through their talent agency Axl One they are stepping back from acting. This decision comes after the voice actress was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, and Nakamura's team says the actress will be out of work for a yet-known period of time.

The post says Nakamura began health screenings last month after a decline in physical condition. Medical experts diagnosed the Naruto star with ulcerative colitis quickly, and their agency says the team's top goal is recovery right now. Nakamura's health is the priority in all of this. So of course, no return date has been set in stone for Nakamura as Boruto: Naruto Next Generation carries on.

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For those unfamiliar with ulcerative colitis, the condition is a chronic one that impacts both the colon and rectum. When active, the disease can cause a range of symptoms including abdominal pain, weight loss, fever, and even anemia. There are several suspected causes of ulcerative colitis, and it has been diagnosed fairly frequently by professionals since the 1950s. Despite there being no cure, there are treatments available to treat symptoms, and disease remission is possible for extended periods of time.

Now, Nakamura is ready to begin their treatment period, and fans from all around the world are wishing the actress well. At this point, Naruto has not announced whether the role of Sakura will need to be recast temporarily with Nakamura out. Anime fans will also know the actress from other popular series such as Tokyo Ghoul, xxxHolic, Ace Attorney, and more.

We wish Nakamura a speedy recovery!