Naruto Finally Adapts an Iconic SasuSaku Scene

Naruto is busy this year, and you only have to look at its manga to see why. Not only is Boruto coming around with an all-new arc, but the franchise is also doling out two new spin-offs. Kakashi and Sasuke are leading their own manga right now after spending decades in Naruto Uzumaki's shadow. And now, a new update just inked a rather iconic Sakura x Sasuke scene from canon.

The whole thing went live this week when Naruto's spin-off about Sasuke went live. It was there the new manga checked in on the Uchiha as he carried on with a mission in prison. Despite a Jurassic upset and an on-edge warden, Sasuke is making progress with his goal to cure Naruto's deadly illness, and Sakura has joined in on the ordeal.

The Bride and Groom

After all, the heroine is now working at Sasuke's prison as a nurse, and the pair are finding ways to work covertly. They do find ways to meet with one another privately, and it was during one of these moments Sasuke got all soft with Sakura. After learning about this land's customs, Sasuke makes a wedding ring for Sakura using ninjutsu, and it is safe to say the doctor is pleased with the gift.

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The adorable moment has been gossiped about for years as Naruto: Sasuke's Story introduced it in its light novel. Now, the Naruto team has adapted the moment on page, and it has fans swooning left and right. Sasuke may have been emotionally uptight growing up, but he is finding new outlets to show his feelings. Now, it seems Sasuke has found a way to show his love to Sakura we've never seen before, and it shows why the Uchiha couple is one of the best in the series. 


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